"Zhejiang Province artificial intelligence industry development report" released, intelligent chip leading enterprise Nationalchip won praise again!

Release time:2020-05-09

On the morning of May 8, Zhejiang Development Planning Research Institute, together with the Network Information Office of the Provincial party Committee, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, and the Provincial Department of Science and Technology Jointly released the "Zhejiang artificial intelligence industry development report (2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "development report").


It is mentioned in the "development report" that in recent years, the development trend of artificial intelligence industry in our province is very good, and it is in the first echelon in China. The industrial scale has risen to 100 billion level, and a development pattern led by leading enterprises has been initially formed.


Among them, in the field of visual recognition, leading enterprises in security industry such as Hikvision and Uniview have made application breakthroughs in artificial intelligence technologies such as face recognition and behavior decision-making; in the field of intelligent chips, Nationalchip has developed a multi-core heterogeneous AIoT chip by developing neural network processor gxNPU; With the technology concept of massive data accumulation and innovation, daily interaction has built a data intelligent service ecosystem in many fields, such as mobile development, user growth, brand marketing, public management and intelligent risk control; in the field of intelligent manufacturing, Qianjiang Robot, Xinsong Robot and other intelligent robot leading enterprises have been established. Alibaba is also carrying out the layout of artificial intelligence industry in an all-round way, building a three-dimensional partner ecology from vision, voice, algorithm to chip.


With the intelligent wave of artificial intelligence sweeping the world, the scale of core industries will grow rapidly. The industrialization of chips, high-end software and hardware and intelligent terminal products with independent intellectual property rights will accelerate, and neural network chips and AIoT chips will achieve breakthroughs. According to the "development report", in 2020, the scale of artificial intelligence core industry will grow by more than 20% over the previous year, and the total scale will exceed 80 billion RMB.


[source: Zhejiang Development Planning Research Institute]


As a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent chips, Nationalchip will, as always, increase investment in research and development of core technologies such as chips, algorithms, software, etc., and be down-to-earth to launch more innovative and practical chip products for the industry, and help AIoT to land in all walks of life.